Heska In-House Analyzers

Heska In-House Analyzers

Biovet offers a full range of quality analyzers: hematology, biochemistry, endocrinology. We offer you a turnkey solution


element DCX

  • Perform up to 22 tests on a single sample. Run individual tests or Ewrap profiles.
  • Reliable results in minutes.

element DC5X

  • Reference lab technology.
  • Unmatched accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Run individual tests or Ewrap profiles.
  • Test up to 5 samples simultaneously.

element i+

  • Immediate outcomes: 10 min. total; from start to finish!
  • Measures total T4, TSH, cortisol, bile acids and progesterone.
  • Fluorescence immunoassay reference technology.
  • New: Nu.Q® Accessible and Affordable Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test. In-clinic test coming soon, exclusively on Element i+


element HT5

  • Results in less than 60 seconds including a true 5-part WBC differential.
  • Very small volume 15 μL of blood properly treated with anticoagulant
  • The combination of flow cytometry, impedance and colourimetry technologies guarantees the most accurate results


  • Provides a 4-part WBC differential
  • Requires as little as 10 μL of blood
  • Results in 60 secondes
  • Higher impedance technology

element COAG +

  • Acurate results in 15 minutes
  • Large 7-inches color touchscreen offers easy
  • Small sample size (100 μL or less)

Urology - Parasitology

element AIM

  • The world’s ONLY fully automated Urine and Fecal Analyzer
  • Get complete results in minutes.
  • Simple load-and-go workflow with on-board centrifuge and artificial intelligence.
  • Benefit from high-resolution microscopic images, categorized using artificial intelligence to facilitate the identification of specific elements.


  • 3 easy steps use
  • Requires only 20 μL sample
  • Acurate results in a few minutes

Electrolytes and Blood Gases

element POC

  • Critical chemistry, metabolic parameters, electrolytes, hematocrit and blood gas
  • Results in just 35 seconds