Debra Kamstock

Dr. Debra Kamstock is a board certified veterinary anatomic pathologist specializing in cancer research and diagnostics. She obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Florida and her PhD in tumor immunology and angiogenesis at Colorado State University, where she also completed her anatomic pathology residency. Dr. Kamstock has published numerous cancer-related peer-reviewed manuscripts, is a contributing author to a number of book chapters, is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker, and serves on a number of editorial review boards with an expertise in oncologic pathology. Dr. Kamstock is the founding President and an Executive Board Member of the Oncology-Pathology Working Group (OPWG), a joint initiative of the Veterinary Cancer Society and the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. The OPWG was founded with the primary goal of uniting oncologists (medical, surgical, radiation) and pathologist (anatomic and clinical) fostering interdisciplinary communication and collaboration to establish consensus on and standardize aspects of oncologic pathology globally across the profession for the benefit of our veterinary cancer patients and their families.