Adding Mycoplasma dispar to the PCR respiratory profile

In addition to different species of viruses and bacteria, several species of mycoplasma have been isolated from the respiratory tract of cattle. These particularly include Mycoplasma bovis, M. dispar,  M.  bovirhinis and M.  bovigenitalium. Of these, M. bovis and M. dispar are probably the most important. 

Experimentally, both M. dispar and M. bovis can cause bronchopneumonia in young calves. In addition, several epidemiological studies argue in favour of a role for M. dispar in bovine lung disease. 

However, unlike M. bovis, which can cause systemic infections (arthritis, otitis, mastitis), M. dispar infections are limited to the respiratory tract. 

Interestingly, an Italian study showed that M. dispar strains showed a high level of resistance to several antibiotics commonly used in the treatment of bovine pneumonia.

We are pleased to inform you that M. dispar is now one of the agents that can be detected by our multiplex PCR test for bovine respiratory pathogens. This pathogen was added at no additional cost.

For further information, feel free to contact us. 

André Broes, DMV, Ph. D.

Technical Support Manager for swine and ruminants

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