New tools for the diagnosis of viral diarrhoea in piglets

Many viruses can cause intestinal infections in newborn and weaned piglets. The best known belong to the genera Coronavirus (TGEV, PEDV, PDCoV, SADS-CoV) and Rotavirus (types A, B, C, H).

Less well-known genera include Sapelovirus (PSV), Kobuvirus (PKoV), Astrovirus (PAstV), Norovirus (PoNoV), Torovirus (PToV) and Sapovirus (PSaV).

Infections caused by these viruses generally appear to be subclinical or benign. In some cases, however, they result in diarrhoea, more or less severe growth retardation or even mortality. In addition, these infections often involve several viruses (mixed infections).

For several years, Biovet has been providing you with real-time PCR tests (RT-PCR) for TGEV, PEDV, PDCoV and Rotavirus A, B and C viruses. Recently, we have developed RT-PCR assays for PSV, PKP, PToV and PSaV.

Lately, the PSaV has especially attracted attention.  This is mainly due to cases identified in Iowa in 2019. Indeed, PSaV played a decisive role and the economic consequences were significant. Subsequently, PSaV was identified on other farms. 

Biovet is proud to provide you with a multiplex RT-PCR test to detect PSaV at the same time as Rotaviruses A, B and C.

SAMPLES TO SUBMIT: for the detection of PSaV, these essentially are feces or intestinal contents of diarrhoeic piglets. They can be pooled and refrigerated or optionally frozen.

TRANSMITTING RESULTS: Test results will be available within 1-3 days. These tests are performed from Monday to Friday.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to perform Rotavirus A and C sequencing at Biovet, which will significantly reduce turnaround time for the production of SEQUIVITY vaccines.

In order to help you clarify the involvement of these viruses on your farms and control them better, we are making the following tests available:

  • Rotavirus A, B, C, Sapovirus qPCR at a SPECIAL price until December 31, 2023.
  • Rotavirus A Sequencing.
  • Rotavirus C Sequencing.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

André Broes, D.M.V., Ph. D.
Technical Support Manager for swine and ruminants

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