Equine Wisconsin now performed at Biovet

Equine Wisconsin now performed at Biovet

We are pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Parasitology Test in Horses is now performed at Biovet’s laboratories.

The Wisconsin test evaluates the parasite load in the feces, which is essential for the health of horses. By identifying parasites and their quantity, it guides targeted treatment, reducing the risk of drug resistance.

The technique, drawn from the literature, has been evaluated over the past few months and our results compare favourably with the results of other laboratories. This test offers optimum pest management, so that the effectiveness of deworming can be judged.

From April 29 to June 30, 2024, get a rebate on the Wisconsin test [BV0006].

The turnaround time for transmitting the results is 24 to 48 hours and the test is performed from Monday to Saturday.

You can also take advantage of our Spring Equine Health Program Promotion.

For further information, contact your Biovet representative
1-888-824-6838, option 2 | [email protected]

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