AIS RapidRead

AIS RapidRead: AI-Powered Radiological interpretation tool 

AIS RapidRead

Nearly instantaneous interpretations of radiographs

AIS® RapidRead™ is a diagnostic support tool that blends the speed and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the expertise of a team of leading veterinary radiologists and data scientists.

Do you want to have nearly instantaneous interpretations of radiographs?

Do you want to have greater confidence and improved workflow efficiency when making a diagnosis?

With AIS RapidRead, you can have both.

All while helping manage client costs and evolving the standard of care by leveraging CUTTING-EDGE AI.

  • Get a rapid second opinion when evaluating radiographs 
  • Provide optimal care while keeping your clients’ costs low 
  • Streamline your practice’s workflow efficiently without compromise 
AIS RapidRead

Use the power of AIS RapidRead to help you confirm your diagnoses and avoid missed findings — all while increasing your own diagnostic confidence.

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A breakthrough combination of technology and experience

  • Access to the world’s largest library of companion animal stored images — 8 BILLION AND GROWING 
  • Trained with over 16 MILLION RADIOGRAPHS incorporating breeds of all shapes and sizes, including a wide range of films, to gain the highest accuracy 
  • Extensive quality control measures specified by our faculty of 20+ BOARD‑CERTIFIED RADIOLOGISTS AND DATA SCIENTISTS 
  • Findings are at least 95% AS ACCURATE when compared to findings by board‑certified veterinary radiologists 
  • Widely tested across general and specialty practices DELIVERING THOUSANDS OF REPORTS 

Explore the AI technology that powers AIS RapidRead

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