Digital Cytology Scanner

Digital Cytology Scanner

Digital Cytology Service 

Antech’s Digital Cytology Service provides clinicians access to important information to effectively diagnose and treat patients faster than traditional methods allow.

The Digital Cytology Scanner is an in-clinic device providing high-quality scans that are easily transmitted to a network of experts for interpretation. It leverages the same best-in-class technology as the high-volume digital cytology scanners used across Antech’s North American reference laboratory network including:   

  • An average scan time of 15 minutes
  • No special staining procedures
  • No slide cartridges or other parts prone to breaking or malfunctioning
  • Online tutorials and user education resources
  • Virtually maintenance-free 

If you have any questions, you can access detailed instructions on the scanner’s home screen or online at: 

For urgent requests, we recommend that you call Technical Support at 1-800-819-5538. 

Faster Access

Full-slide interpretations within two hours of submission with high-resolution images that reduce the need for repeat scans.

Around-the-Clock Service

One click away from a technical support specialist who can remotely access your system — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Real-Time Connection

Access Antech’s global team of board-certified veterinary pathologists.

No Upfront Costs

No capital equipment investment required — simply meet a low-volume monthly commitment

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Visit Antech Online to create orders, view pathology reports, and access information downloaded from PIMS (Practice Management Software).

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